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Perhaps ‘everything’ is a slight over statement, but we do most projects when it comes to eCommerce. Many topics relating to eCommerce are related and overlap, so it’s natural to be able to support numerous topics.

No project is too big or too small either. We have launched retailers with one hundred thousand plus individual products on 15 marketplaces and 4 regions in the space of a few weeks. We have also consulted on a seller's 8 products on Amazon FBA.

From optimizations, to streamlining, launching to advising, we cater to just about any project marketplace related. We support numerous website and design projects too.

From optimizations, to streamlining, launching to advising, we cater to just about any project marketplace related. We support numerous website and design projects too.

Launching a channel

Launching a new marketplace, channel or region, is demanding when you don't do it for a living. Even if you have all the knowledge and the energy to plan it, building it and tying everything together into a successful delivery is tough when you have a day job too.

There are always details that can be overlooked too. Little nuances and issues that perhaps a support document doesn’t outline. Or tricks and user knowledge that the training manual omits or skips.

Project managing all of this is a core work we do for a living. Who better to support you? We have done it for years and we still encounter new requirements and learn new details. We humbly admit that although we consider our expertise advanced, the nature of a launch can always breed something new. Experience is invaluable.

Refining Data

Data refinement is something you can only do with experience. You need to know what the final data output needs to look like in order to really be able to deliver accurate results. It's often not easy to get a detailed final check list on everything you need to know from others.

But experience doesn’t end there. Different channels need different data requirements, and depending on your set up, you might duplicate a lot of work if you start off on the wrong direction. It's not just about knowing the destination but also being able to see the bigger picture and knowing how to plan for complex delivery segmentation.

That is all just the structure. Further experience then equates into efficiency. Are you working on data one listing at a time? Are you repeating the same actions continuously? Between advanced excel functionality, custom scripts and tools, and third party softwares, we have the insight on how to work smart and maximize the efficiency.

Designs & Development

Building new software, connections and designs, all fall into methodology. Good methods can work to any circumstances, and deliver consistently good results. Bad methods can entirely miss a topic and delay a project completely.

There is a science to good design as much as there is artistic talent. A good oil painter may not make the best website designer, and the best online graphics designer may not make the highest converting website.

Online systems and functionality is all about the needs of the user and the desired output. It's very easy to focus on the technical aspects and make a user's journey fit a pattern that's easier for a developer to build. But the flow should work in the other direction. A user's journey is paramount and the end result is key. How we design and develop to meet this is secondary.

We are user and goal driven. This means we build what you need in the style you need it for a good result, regardless if it means more work and more planning for us.

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