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The ingredients to the secret sauce

Where to start...

The hardest part of data optimisation is where to prioritise.

Anyone will tell you titles are important. But what is a good title? What works on eBay, and how is that different from Amazon? Whilst key to search acquisition on some sites, the title serves differently on sites like Trademe or Tesco.

How do you plan out title optimisations? Do you have tools to help? Is it all manual? And after a title has been optimised to the best of your knowledge, how do you track results and know when to revisit it and try a different idea?

Optimising a listing is seldom a one-time event. While some optimisations are fixed in nature, others need to dynamically change as the year ticks over, or the marketplace changes. Even those 'fixed' optimisations will need to be occasionally reworked over the course of time. As the channels change requirements, you need to adapt the data to compensate.

Each marketplace and retail channel has differences. eBay loves its titles. Amazon likes its titles, but likes its Search Terms too. Tesco loves its categorisations... The site-specific nuances get complex fast.

Without detailed knowledge of each channel and industry, you are going to have a tough time learning this for yourself. If you ignore it, your competition is going to gain significant advantages in acquiring new customers, and expanding new lines to market. You cannot afford to ignore data optimisations, or do it wrongly. But knowing where to start, what to focus on and how to measure results are the many ways we can help.

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