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EBay, Amazon,, Cdiscount...

Each year, there seems to be new marketplaces emerging. The online market gets bigger and the new channels pop up to support needs, niches and demographics. But there are bigger entities out there, which are often where you focus attention.

eBay and Amazon are still the dominant channels in the Western world. These channels will represent the bulk of revenue and where you should hone in opportunities.

But it is important to never overlook the new channels. In France, Cdiscount is one of the biggest marketplaces by far. If you skip this one, you are entering the French market impaired. is a new entity in the USA, and has a very unique model with a good chance to grow, given it's led by a lot of Ex-Amazon senior people.

Tesco, Zalando, EBay AU, Trademe...

Tesco has shown promise in the UK as an alternative channel to consider. Backed by the name

recognition, they can produce strong numbers.

Zalando is a big entity in Germany, focused mostly on brands. If you can handle the returns policies, the traffic, along with the new customer acquisition potential, is huge.

In many ways, marketplaces are all relative to the location. If you live in Australia, you know Amazon doesn’t exist and eBay is dominant. If you are reading from a desk in New Zealand, Trademe is where you go for your marketplace shopping.

Tmall, Alibaba, Lazada...

Over in Asia, the places to go change yet again. Tmall is for the big players. Allibaba is an online car boot sale in a truly fascinating way. Lazada has exploded in the past few years to serve South East Asia. The world is full of marketplaces!

Don’t get lost...

Germany alone has over 50 Marketplaces. But don't get lost. Knowing which to focus on and how to sell on them is our job.

We can help you navigate this diverse landscape efficiently and effectively.

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