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Managed Launch

Your new online channel delivered

A marketplace launch requires connecting numerous elements and moving parts, configuring multiple platforms and supporting everything with robust procedures.

The Marketplace listings need to be live. They need to be optimised and mapped correctly. The orders need to be accessible. The service levels need to be aligned to your fulfilment.

Some Marketplaces need design work added to the right places. This alone can be a full time knowledge base to acquire, given some platforms are restrictive on the scripts you can run. The buyer journey needs to be thought about as well as the code behind the look and feel.

You need to sync stock levels, make sure new product data loads and updates, sync orders and ensure stock adjustments for omni-channel support, handle customer service from multiple sources, connect to your existing ERP and warehouse systems.

You need robust and dedicated procedures, health checks, cross checks, bottle neck visibility and knowledge of exactly what to do when something breaks. Something will break one day. Are you prepared for it?

You could try to learn all this on your own. Or you could avoid sleepless nights, and let us take care of everything:

  • Marketplace Data Mapping - Getting product in the right place.
  • Marketplace Data alignment - Valid values and filters.
  • Marketplace Optimisations - Making sure you are found.
  • Marketplace Conversion - Positioning the key data to the right buyer.
  • Marketplace Alignment - Configuring the account for best performance.
  • Marketplace Sync - Inbound and Outbound data.
  • Your Visibility - You are trained where to check and what to check.
  • Your Team - We train Customer Service, Strategy and more.
  • Your Operations - Streamlined performance and key Procedures.
  • Your Testing - Making sure you are ready.
  • Your Direction - Strategy, short term goals and long term visions.

We know how complicated things can get. Even experienced online sellers can have trouble planning when they have daily routines and responsibilities. Our jobs involve handling these things routinely. Use our expertise so you can deliver successful results the first time.

Marketplaces take weekly maintenance, cross checks, monthly routines and other actions to oil sales revenue growth. It will take years learning all these by yourself. Don't hire people when, for less, you can partner with our team. Don't hire one person's opinion when, for less, you can gain ten times the experience.

Many service providers in this area aim to make themselves indispensable. The term is called making yourself 'sticky', so it's hard for you to walk away easily. Or adding 'hooks'. Good for the service provider, but is that good for you, the customer? We don't think so.

We are not here to play games. You need an automated streamlined efficient operation so you can minimize overhead and maximize growth and expansion. We want you to work with us because you want to, not because you have to. We are an extension of your team. We are your partners, and we are invested in your success.

Let us be perfectly clear. Our contracts are flexible, modular and usually month to month. You pay for what you need, when you need it. You walk away any time. You will not find anyone offering you less risk.

You are in experienced safe hands with us. We are not just going to follow orders and switch off. We are going to think critically on your behalf. Many throw around the buzz word 'Partner', but we live and breathe it. We guide you towards the right targets. You paid for our experience and you get it.

Give us 30 minutes on the phone. If you are in London, let us visit you. We assure you we do not disappoint.

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