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ERP Consultation

Think scalability and operations

What does it mean?

ERP customisation sounds fancy, and a lot like IT business talk. In truth, it partially is meaningless as a statement. The meaning is so diverse, it lacks value as a string of words. Oops.

Really, we are talking about the scalability of your operations and the relating digital systems that run them. Perhaps you have a warehouse management system, but use separate tools for booking pallets. How well these two systems work together... Your relating procedures to support them... If a better solution is out there... These are the kind of topics up for discussion here.

Working with us is very much a combination of services and consultation. In a managed service arrangement, this type of conversation naturally develops. We work with you and advise, as topics pop up.

In order for us to help with operational needs (after an hour call to go over your present set up) we typically suggest a day visit. We spend time with your team, take notes, learn the good, bad and ugly of your operations, so we can come up with a plan.

This topic is very broad to write a page about, and few will probably read and draw value from this. But we suggest contacting us if you simply have existing systems and operations which you feel are too complex, time consuming, or prone to risks. If your operations rely on one person being in the office for example, that is a risk to your scalability and business.

Don't be shy. We are geeks...

...being shy is our job.

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