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Looking the part

eBay designs are a vital part of your eBay store. But perhaps not for the reasons you think.

On average, less than 10% of search touches your storefront. Only about 50% ever check the description area as mobile devices hide it from the main content, unless you click to view it. With less than half of buyers seeing a listing design, and an even smaller portion seeing your storefront, why bother?

Well, you still have that 10% looking at your storefront. That type of buyer is window shopping. Without a storefront, you give them no reason to sign up for your newsletter, as you're not showcasing yourself as a professional-looking seller. With special offers not advertised, and no reason to come back at a future date, you're also ensuring the buyer is leaving you for good.

There are still 50% of buyers using desktop PCs to finalise their buy. Your listing design is the final flavour to offer them. Subconsciously, a nice clear storefront instils confidence. If they see quality onscreen, they will associate that to your company, order, and product. This is critical for some industries, like fashion or electronics.

These days, designs must be responsive given over 40% of all eBay transactions touch a mobile device at some point. That's nearly half your audience having a poor experience if you have a slow design, or worse than this.. the page not even loading at all.

The storefront is for the core eBay buyers. These customers are fewer in numbers than all eBay traffic, but they're also the ones that sign up for newsletters and check eBay religiously for deals and offers. You want to cater to this audience. These smaller groups of buyers have repeat customer written all over their profile.

The listing template is how you represent your company to a buyer. It's not going to help you in search, but it will help conversions. Subconsciously, it reinforces value. Perceived value is very important.

You don't need anything expensive or fancy. A storefront or listing template with flashing moving parts may look good, and justify a high price, but in truth they do not convert any better than a clean, professional, simple design.

Our rates are very competitive here. Very. We don't over charge, because we don't over complicate. We don't overcomplicate because there is no need to do so, when you account for traffic and the goal of the designs in the first place. It's just our opinion. This is a subjective topic. Not all agree on simplicity, but everyone agrees a design is needed if you sell on eBay.

Don't be shy. We are geeks...

...being shy is our job.

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