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API Integrations

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  • Do you have 2-3 different systems that don't 'talk'?
  • A website disconnected from channels?
  • Tools that you need to support with manual procedures?
  • Files you need to routinely upload and download?
  • Data 'stuck' in places you can't access easily?

We do not pretend to 'know' everyone's platform API. There are so many out there, and many change routinely each year. To specialise in a few is hard enough. However, this is not important when you have a capable team. An API by its very nature is supposed to be an open source that anyone experienced in coding can examine and work with.

How we like to work...

  • Capture all your requirements upfront. We will have a detailed call with you, to go over your required specifications. This will be written up into a little plan we both agree on, complete with milestone testing, timelines and dependencies.
  • Everything is built first in testing environments. We will make sure we iron out any issues and fully test the system before setting a live version. This testing will be done with you, so you have no hidden surprises the day we launch.
  • Post launch support. We remain available to pick up issues for 14 days, post API delivery. We do this because, even with the most vigorous use of AGILE, SCRUM or PRINCE2 project planning methodologies in place, needing changes are so very common post launch.

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