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Amazon Appeals - An Art

We highly recommend you get in touch with us before you start an Amazon appeal. If your first appeal was rejected, please let us help before sending any further information.

If you have been permanently suspended, it may be too late for us to help. But we don't mind taking a second look and advising if there is anything more you can do.

Our success rate with Amazon appeals is over 95% (from over 35 submissions done at the time of writing). We have experience that will increase your chances of success. We cannot guarantee results of course, but we can make sure you have the best possible chance. Amazon appeals can be emotional events. If you're employing staff to support revenue generated on Amazon, you can be very concerned of the impact following a suspension. All that revenue lost in the short term, and impacting your cash flow. Worse still, what if it's in jeopardy of being lost for good?

It's easy to allow passion to impair you when communicating with Amazon. But rarely will emotional replies be met with favourable responses. Emotions can dilute the message you are trying to convey. Amazon is rarely going to care about emotionally compelling responses.

Equally, Amazon will not typically care about responses focused on revenue. You may make a lot of money on Amazon, but do not think this is enough for Amazon to want to reinstate you. Amazon cares most about the buyer, and their experiences. If you are in an appeal, it's because you damaged a buyer's experience on Amazon at some level. Your appeal is about this.

How you work appeals is almost an art form. It's a particular style and tone that must be adhered to. There is as much psychology as there is experience in writing an appeal. You need to remember who is reading it, what they are measured by, and what you need to say to be truthful to the circumstance, yet mindful of the reader of your appeal.

Balancing all this takes practise and experience. But you cannot afford to learn this through trial and error. You will only get a few chances to appeal an Amazon suspension.

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